Joelle's Current Favourites

Joelle's Current Favourites

I don't think I say enough how impressed I am by the Waldschutz wines, every single time. The Classic wines are focused, pure and fresh, and the reserve wines are impressive, especially at the price! We usually take the Riesling classic and the Gruner Reserve to events but the Gruner Classic and Riesling Reserve are both fantastic too. Everyone should try them

Another "fantastic every single time" wine are the Triebaumer Blaufrankisch and Furmint. This time I have had plenty of opportunity to show the Blaufrankisch classic and this dark and dense but oh-so juicy red just tasted fantastic whether it was unnaturally chilly, rainy, or far too hot. It's the alternative to cru Beaujolais for your Christmas dinners, that's sure

Marie Therese Chappaz is one of Switzerland's cult wine producers - she's a biodynamic and low intervention pioneer - and her Dole is no exception. It's taken seriously, here, but not too seriously, as Dole also is a fun and drinkable blend that matches the mountains it comes from. Serious but made for fun and living... I love that Dole.

Other fantastic wines I have enjoyed recently are the Fendant Balavaud, the Muses Syrah and his mature Humagne Blanche, the crunchy Mondeuse from Jacquin, Geneva's big smooth red "Douce Noire", Harald Breitenfelder's mature Chardonnay, and, last but not least, Rainer Christ's Zweigelt - this is a beauty and you can taste a whole vertical of them if you hurry

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