Jenins Pinot Noir

Red Wine, Switzerland
Just a few bottles available.

Availability: Out of stock

Jenins Pinot Noir

Red Wine, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

Just a few bottles available.
Pinot Noir to drink in Paradise.
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Red Wine, Switzerland, Graubünden Weinbau Pelizzatti

Weinbau Pelizzatti

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The Wine


I know that I will be ridiculed by some if I go too far over the top about this wine but it is hard not to do so.

This is a phenomenally crafted Pinot Noir from a superb, if small, winemaker in Jenins, Graubünden. As with much 2012 Pinot Noir this is an exceptional wine.

Please do not open this wine without any thought beforehand. It needs a good half hour or more to start to show its true class. The aromas are not strong but are rich, elegant, powerful and typical for the grape. Blackcurrant and hints of truffle lead to red cherries which in their turn, lead on to dark berries mixing with fresh leather notes.

The initial impact of this wine is quite subdued and light. Hold the liquid in your mouth and count to three and then the explosion happens. Layer upon layer of flavours assault the taste buds with the previously inhaled aromas converting into flavours and being joined by strawberries, redcurrants, plums, liquorice and violets.

The finish is exquisite. All the flavours continue to play in the mouth for a very long time, which means that the next sip can wait a while allowing the joy of this wine to last and last.

Additional Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Weinbau Pelizzatti
Colour Red Wine
Style Red, Still, Dry
Variety Pinot Noir
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Graubünden
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Last Tasted 26 Apr 2016
Vintages 2012

[4115206] 2012


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size: 0.75
product code:[4115206]
closure:Natural Cork
variety:Pinot Noir
last checked in:2016-04-26

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