Humagne Blanche de Chamoson

White Wine, Switzerland

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Humagne Blanche de Chamoson

White Wine, Switzerland

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A delicious rare grape from Switzerland.
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White Wine, Switzerland, Valais Giroud Vins

Giroud Vins

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The Humagne Blanche is the oldest known white grape originating in the Valais. It is cited in historical records going back to 1313 under the name "Humani". It gives a wine rich in iron - 3 times the level found in most other grapes - accounting for its reputed medicinal qualities, in particular in bygone days as a tonic for pregnant women, monks, and bishops! Following the phylloxera outbreak this variety faced near extinction at the start of the 20th century and now there is just over 7 hectares planted, making it one of the world's rarest grape varieties.

Vinification - Slow and careful pressing, an initial period of low temperature fermentation and six month of ageing in vats combine to guarantee a rich, full-bodied wine while also ensuring the cool finesse of the aromas. A Golden Yellow colour with a powerful floral bouquet, characterized by a subtle mixture of linden blossoms, honey and hazelnuts. The vinosity combines with good acidity to create a fresh, fruity wine with delicate touches of honey and dried fruit followed by a long, fresh finish.

Humagne Blanche is a marvellous accompaniment to mousses, terrines, cold cuts and Alpine cheese. ABV 12.5%. Drink now. Serving temperature 8°-10°C.

Ben says (February 2017): As this wine has matured, it has gained weight and depth. The aromas and flavours of honey have grown and the wine has taken on an almost Jura-like quality where you are expecting more oxidisation than you get. It is a fascinating and unique wine and one to be relished.

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Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Giroud Vins
Colour White Wine
Style Still, Dry
Variety Humagne Blanche
Key Features Unoaked, Old Vines
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Valais
Ripeness Normal
Last Tasted 17 Feb 2017
Vintages 2009

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