Grauschiefer Trocken

White Wine, Germany

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Grauschiefer Trocken

White Wine, Germany

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A dry Riesling from the steep slate vineyards around Graach. A dash of lemon on hot slate.
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Grauschiefer Trocken

Grauschiefer Trocken 2011

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White Wine, Germany, Mosel Weingut Phillips-Eckstein

Weingut Phillips-Eckstein

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The Wine


The Grauschiefer is the grey slate soil found on the steepest slopes in the Mosel. Patrick uses grapes from locations both in Domprobst and Himmelreich.

A Grauschiefer wine is usually dry and fresh with a lot of minerality. This 2011 is no exception. The nose is light and fragrant with all the expected Riesling notes, both citrus, petrol and a lot of minerality. The citrus transfers to the taste and the acidity is perfect, giving a real zing and refreshing the tastebuds with its mouthwateringness. 

This is a wonderful apéritif wine but would be an excellent accompaniment to any barbecue in summertime.

Ben says(September 2017): At six years old, this is still showing as fresh as it was when first made. The nose is fantastic and I could sit and sniff it for hours with great pleasure. The minerality on the palate is exceptional and bears out the slate in the soil. It is still zingy and has a good length of finish. Lovely wine!

Flo says (July 2018): Citrus, petrol, lightness and pure minerality. This Riesling still sings and refreshes the palette.

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Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Weingut Phillips-Eckstein
Featured Themes On Offer
Colour White Wine
Style Single Variety, White, Still, Dry
Variety Riesling
Country Germany
Region(s) Mosel
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Last Tasted 27 Sep 2017
Vintages 2011

[4912007] 2011


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