White Wine, Italy

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White Wine, Italy

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The most intense of all the Gewürztraminer wines listed here - with a spiritous note. If you like flavoursome Gewürztraminer, you will like this.
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Gewürztraminer 2007, Otmar Mair 9

Gewürztraminer 2007

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White Wine, Italy, Alto Adige Otmar Mair

Otmar Mair

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Classic spicy Gewürztraminer nose, with an intense body - probably the most intense of all the Gewürztraminer wines listed here. Note the alcohol - 15% ABV.

December 2013 -

Still dry and fresh, less acidity than before but you don't miss it. This is very very very intense Gewürztraminer with all the rose & lychee flavours you'd expect. Almost too much to drink on its own, but fabulous with aromatic Thai dishes for example. If you have friends that think that finding flower and fruit flavours in wine is a silly thing, let them try NOT to find rose in this one.

October 2014 -

There are many changes that a wine may undergo when ageing is allowed to occur. For some there is added depth of flavour and the arrival of new flavours on the nose and palate. Others lose a great deal of what made the wine so special when younger which is why so many wines, especially whites, are made to be drunk fresh and young.

The transformation of this Gewürztraminer is quite remarkable. In seven years it has matured into a beautiful white wine that has all the essence of the grape but has lost the usual attack that might be expected from it. It does not show much age and tastes as fresh as a 2012 white but not a 2012 Gewürztraminer.

It is very light coloured and this does show how age can affect a wine. The nose is gorgeous, offering the florality and cleanliness that you might expect, but missing any harsh notes that are sometimes in a new Gewürztraminer. On the palate it is fresh and floral, smooth and lacking in any harshness or the steeliness that new Gewürztraminer often displays. It has a delicate yet lingering finish.

A word of caution – give the wine a chance to open up. Trying it straight from the bottle, after 10 minutes and after an hour, all produced increasing levels of aroma and flavour with a delightful richness appearing towards the end.

Knowing what food to match with this wine is difficult. It is far beyond a typical Gewürztraminer pairing with Thai or other mildly spicy dishes. Personally, I would drink it on its own.

Ben says (July 2016): I am glad to say that little has changed with this wine during the last couple of years. The nose seems a little more subdued but the flavours are still there in the mouth only slightly richer. I am happy to stand by my 2014 review.

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Product code MAIRGEWURTZ
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Otmar Mair
Featured Themes Last Chance, On Offer
Colour White Wine
Style Still, Dry
Variety Gewürztraminer
Country Italy
Region(s) Alto Adige
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Last Tasted 28 Jul 2016
Vintages 2007

[3950007] 2007


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closure:Natural Cork
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