Côte de Brouilly "Les Griottes"

Red Wine, France

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Côte de Brouilly "Les Griottes"

Red Wine, France

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Les Griottes is one of seven locations from Thivin in Côte de Brouilly. Second highest right below La Chapelle.
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Côte de Brouilly "Les Griottes"

Côte de Brouilly "Les Griottes" 2009


Red Wine, France, Beaujolais Chateau Thivin

Chateau Thivin

The Wine


They still have the fresh grapey fruit, red berry and typical Gamay raspberry, violet and strawberry aromas of the Sept Vignes but are just that bit fuller. I might just be influenced by the name (which means red cherries), but I do get that red cherry flavour on the palate. Again a flexible wine, the ideal companion for regional dishes such as Poulet de Bresse à la Crème or with mushroom-based dishes (especially morels, if you can get them), but will also go well with white meats such as pork, especially gammon and ham.

Additional Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Chateau Thivin
Featured Themes New Arrivals
Colour Red Wine
Style Red, Still, Dry
Variety Gamay
Country France
Region(s) Beaujolais
AOC / DAC Côte de Brouilly
Cru Côte de Brouilly
Vineyard Les Griottes
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Aged In Foudre (big wood), Cement
Last Tasted 12 Oct 2017
Composition 100% Gamay
Vintages 2009, 2016

[3317008] 2009


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stock: 30
product code:[3317008]
closure:Natural Cork
last checked in:2017-10-12

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