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The wines I ordered arrived in good condition and what we have drunk so far has been excellent. Donald G
Placed on 26 September 2018
I am taking the wines slowly and have greatly enjoyed the majority so far. Especially impressive were the fruhroter veltliner, schiave and Grisardi mondeuse. David N
Placed on 24 September 2018
The wine arrived yesterday and in good order. Thank you for a speedy and efficient service. I shall definitely order from you again. Richard
Placed on 31 August 2018
Just a short note to thank you for all your help you gave me when buying the bottle of Swiss wine I purchased last Friday. It arrived on the next Monday afternoon as you said and was gratefully accepted by our Swiss friends Ernie W
Placed on 4 August 2018
We primarily drink reds so my expectations weren't high, but it was amazing! I bought the wine for it's sentimental value, but now I'm lamenting the fact I didn't buy more when given the opportunity. I want to say Thank You once again for the amazing service. It's something that we don't experience enough of in our current world. Derek
Placed on 28 July 2018
I was very satisfied with your wines so I think you all do a great job. I'll be in touch when I'm ready for another order. Dan M
Placed on 27 April 2018
The wine arrived on time and was a real hit at the event. Thank you so much for arranging this for me. Lou P
Placed on 23 February 2018
What can I say - service of the very highest order, thank you very much. Richard P
Placed on 18 December 2017
Thanks again for the amazing experience and your persistence. Derek G
Placed on 2 December 2017
Last night we had a table, he was a wine connoisseur. He asked me if I am Swiss origin or if I have any shares in the Swiss wines because we have an 'unorthodox' selection from Switzerland, very unusual for him to find so many choices. He was very fussy about Burgundy and Kistler Pinot Noir. I recommended him the Cicero Pinot Noir, and he was thrilled. He said like 5,6 times how good that wine is. Also, we have regulars now who asks for Swiss whites, Doral. Had a table of two, they enjoyed two bottles of Doral and they love it. Also, another table from Norway to whom I recommend Heida, and they loved it, they praised it all night long. Valentin Radosav - Sommelier
Placed on 1 September 2017
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