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Süße Löwen Spätlese

, Austria
A sweet wine for dining pairings.

Availability: In stock

Süße Löwen Spätlese

, Austria

Availability: In stock

A sweet wine for dining pairings.

The "Sweet Lion" to go with the "Weisse Löwen" and "Junge Löwen". Delicious but not a dessert wine - this is a sweet wine for dining pairings. Allow yourself to be surprised :)

Full Details
The Wine


An aromatic middleweight, this wine will show its most elegant side when the partner dish presents it with some peppery spice and cool acidity.

An ideal accompaniment with dishes from lobster or smoked catfish to the delicate acidity of tomatoes, apricots, limes or passion fruit. Good with spicy ginger & chillies, with fennel and ripened hard cheese.


Ben says (August 2016): Honeyed pears, lime, passion fruit, cucumber, watermelon and mint combine to create a beautiful light aroma. In the mouth this wine has an excellent texture with nothing cloying about it at all. The residual sugar level is not too high, with less than 60 g/L. The pear continues with the honey. The finish is long with a flavour that I find difficult to identify. Answers in an email please!

Vintage Information


Product code 42HS09
Bottle Size 0.375
Winemaker Heidi Schroeck
Sweet Yes
Style White, Blend, Sweet, Still
Variety Chardonnay, Welschriesling
Key Features Unoaked, Late Harvest, Vegan (certified), Vegetarian and Vegan
Winemaking Malolactic
Country Austria
Region(s) Burgenland
Ripeness Spätlese
Closure Screwcap
Vintages 2013
Last Tasted Aug 3, 2016
name:Süße Löwen Spätlese
product code:[4315006]
stock: 18 in London Warehouse
4 at Alpine Wines House
last checked in:2016-08-03

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