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Please note there is no wine at our trading address - these are not retail premises. All the wine is delivered from our specialised warehouse. With COVID we are bringing the wine up from our warehouse and repacking it, as our warehouse has half the usual staff.

All your EU/UK statutory rights apply. Where applicable we will outline them. Where we don't mention them, they are taken as a given.

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  • Age Verification
  • Making a purchase
  • Pricing & Promotions
  • Payments
  • Information Accuracy
  • Substitutions
  • Our Guarantee
  • Returns & Replacement

Also check: • Privacy Policy  (how we protect your privacy) • Delivery (for delivery costs, delivery conditions, causes of delay etc.)

Company Information

Alpine Wines and Nick Dobson Wines are trading names of Nick Dobson Ltd
Company established in 2002, registered in England and Wales - Registration 04588744
VAT Registration Number GB 798 3499 48 AWRS XEAW 000 0010 2676

If you need to reach us, please email us on help [at] alpinewines [dot] co [dot] uk or use the contact form.

Phone: 020 3151 3454
Fax: 020 3151 3453

We're alse active on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Write to us at

Alpine Wines
3 The Grove
IDLE West Yorkshire 
BD10 9JS 
United Kingdom

Note this is residential address not a wine store or a wine warehouse.


Age Verification

All customers must be aged 18 years or over. You expressly consent to our accessing legally held information in order to do validate your age

At events, if a customer appears to be under 21 years of age they will be asked to produce, before being supplied with alcohol, identification bearing their photograph, date of birth and a holographic mark. 

Where we do not have visual contact, for example when an order is placed on the website, we will form a view as to whether or not the customer is under or over 18.

Should we suspect that you the customer may be under the age of 18, we will not supply alcohol until we can verify your age.  We may use various additional methods to assess this, which may include contacting you, or by reference to information about your which is either in the public domain - we look at linkedin, for example - or  through the use of commercial age verification systems and databases operated by third parties.

Such age verification may be without explicit reference back to you, although if appropriate we may ask you to supply us with evidence of your age.



Making A Purchase

If you prefer not to place your order via the internet, you can do so by telephone during normal hours. Please check the time in UK time zone.

On placing your order you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order; this contains all the order details for you to check.

Should you find that you have placed an order containing errors, please contact us by telephone or email as soon as possible, and we will do our best to amend your order. 

If your goods are despatched prior to your notifying us of any errors in your order, our returns policy applies.


Where we Sell

We supply throughout the UK and normally can send to the EU and EEA.

We may be able to supply overseas customers. Be aware that regulations regarding the import of alcohol vary from country to country, and we cannot guarantee to service all markets. In addition, the cost of carriage may be very high. Export enquiries are treated on a case-by-case basis. And it is your responsibility to check that wine can be delivered to your country legally.

US orders for most states are only possible over a specialist import service, which is normally only worth it for large quantities. If you have been able to order from Europe before, talk to us, maybe we can do it too.


Legal status

The law applicable to and governing the contract between us is UK law.

By placing an order with us, you are making an offer to buy goods and/or services.

The automatically-generated confirmation mail you receive after placing an order is not acceptance of an order. 

We reserve the right to turn down orders, especially in the case of pricing errors. The contract between us is made when we have received your order and susequently accepted it. Upon acceptance we will normally process your order that same day, or the next morning.

A legally binding contract between us (or the third party) comes into force only when we have received your order and we have accepted it and, in the case of wine sales, are ready to despatch the goods.

Where goods or services are supplied by third parties, this will be made clear on the website, and your contract will be with the supplier and not with us. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, bookings for restaurant meals and other wine events.


Payment should be with the order. Wines are only sent after the payment has been cleared.
We accept payment by VISA, Mastercard, American Express and major Debit Cards - as well as Paypal - on our website. We also offer the option for online bank transfer and offline payment by BACS.

For credit card your card is preauthorized  at order time and will be charged when we reserve and pack the order (preorders such as Beaujolais Nouveau excepted). 


Pricing & Promotions

The price list published on our website shows prices for bottles of size 75cl unless otherwise stated. Prices include duty and VAT at the current rate but exclude carriage.

Prices are subject to change without notice in line with currency movements, tax and duty changes, changes in supply and transportation costs or for any other reason. We also reserve the right to refuse orders in case of website pricing errors. 

If a price has changed between an order being placed and our processing it we will contact you. 


Prices shown on this website include all customs duties and charges and VAT at the current rate, but exclude carriage. In the event of the UK VAT or customs duty rates changing, prices are subject to change.

For overseas shipments within the EU we are obliged to charge you UK VAT unless you are a VAT-registered trader in your country and provide us with your EU VAT number.

For overseas shipments to non-EU countries we can normally supply product on a zero-rated VAT basis, i.e. without charging you VAT. Our site should do that automatically.

Note that for overseas orders you are responsible for the payment of any taxes, duties, or other costs of any type including but not limited to customs agents charges levied on import to your country.

Please check what limitations there might be on alcohol import before you buy - it is your responsibility to do so. We want you to be delighted by the wines, not getting unpleasant surprise taxes, or, worse, having the wine seized.


Information Accuracy

With over 400 bottles on the sites, errors can happen. 

We provide as much technical information about the wines and vintages we sell, although with so many it is hard to avoid the occasional error.

Information mismatch is no reason for return or exchange except if the name or size was incorrect (your statutory EU rights of course remain valid). 

Label/Bottle images are published for many of the wines in our range. Whilst we endeavour to use up to date accurate images, these are not always available, and in some cases the label image published may not be exactly the same as that actually attached to the bottle.

Tasting notes are published on our website for many of the wines we sell. People's taste and olfactory capabilities vary, and as such any description of a flavour or smell is subjective. The tasting notes we publish are entirely our own opinion, and should not be relied upon as definitive descriptions of how a wine tastes.


Availability and Substitutions

All product is offered subject to availability. Some of the wines are made in very small quantities and it may not be possible to obtain replacement stocks quickly or even at all.

In the event that a wine is not available, We will normally try to contact you first to discuss alternatives and seek your approval. This will cause delays to delivering the order. We won't do that if you have made it clear in comments thatthe order is time sensitive (use the order comments box!). We also usually won't do that for ready-made cases.

for mixed cases where we have pre-defined the composition, we reserve the right to make appropriate substitutions, although these will alway be similar wines from the same region, and of equal or greater quality/value.

Where you have made a custom case, if we cannot reach you in reasonable time, we also reserve the right to substitute a wine of equal or better quality of very similar style/origin where this affects no more than 3 bottles per case. We also reserve the right to substitute in any quantity a more recent vintage of any wine ordered. 

In either of these situations, we will use our judgement as to what subsitutions best fulfill your original intent. 

In short, if a wine is not available:

  • Whenever practical we will contact you to discuss options
  • Send a substitute bottle of equal or superior value (eg: newer vintage or similar wine of similar vintage) especially for ready made cases
  • Send the order without the missing bottle and part refund the order


Our Guarantee

If you are disappointed, do talk to us, we want you to be delighted with our wines and our service!

Wine is a living, breathing thing and it is a well-documented fact that despite the best endeavours of the producers, a tiny proportion of wines may suffer from some defect (for example may be corked).

We offer a guarantee of quality; if any wine we have supplied proves to be defective, we will replace it or provide a refund - this will depend on availability, cost and we will also take your preference into account. We want you to be pleased!  

However, as we are unable to control the environment in which the wine is stored after purchase, this guarantee will only apply for notifications received within a reasonable period from the invoice date, at our discretion. Past the 14 day statutory period, the refund could be to store credit.

This guarantee applies to defective wines only, and we are normally unable to refund or replace where a wine is simply not to your taste. We are on the other hand happy to help you pick wine that will be to your taste when you order, to make sure you are delighted.


Returns & Replacements

As described above we check and guarantee wines we sell, so if the wine is faulty, we will send a replacement or offer a refund, after discussion with you. Us the contact form, ideally please log in to "my account" and create a "ticket" as that will be linked to the orders and speed things up.

Beyond replacing faulty wines, we do not supply goods on a "sale or return" basis unless this has been expressly agreed at the time of purchase.

We comply with the Distance Selling Code of Practice for Wines and Spirits published by the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA), as well as all your statutory rights within the EU. (Note: EU rights do not apply to non EU export orders.) This gives customers within the EU the right to cancel any Wine by Mail purchase, except for bespoke shipments (as for example custom orders or "en primeur"), up to 14 days after receipt of the goods, conditional on the goods having been kept in good condition.

Goods should be returned in the same condition in which they were supplied, and with bottles unopened, labels unstained (else, if the wine is in a less re-sellable condition, the refund will be to a lower amount, in proportion to the changed value). Monies will then be refunded in accordance with the code, within 14 days of receipt.

The return delivery costs are at the customer's expense, although we can help arrange the return for you (as we understand that such large boxes are difficult to ship). Please be aware that couriers do not offer insurance or guarantees for glass product, so package it well. Reusing our packaging is usually the best option.

Where a "sale or return" agreement has been entered into (wedding/event orders), goods may be returned and monies will be refunded in accordance with the terms of that individual agreement.

Where no such agreement was entered into, and where wines have been correctly supplied, unless faulty, and other than as provided for by legislation and/or the code, we will not normally accept these for return/refund. Any and all such returns are subject to the following conditions:- (1) we must have agreed to accept the return (2) the wines must have been stored correctly, and be in good condition (3) return carriage is at the customer's risk and expense (4) we will not accept such returns more than 30 days after the original invoice date (5) there is a restocking charge to cover costs we incur as a result of the return, which will be deducted from any refund.


Shipping & Delivery

We take the condition of your wine seriously and as such we use specialist, high quality, extremely safe packaging (it is reusable, and recyclable too!). 

See our Delivery page for the full details

Privacy & Security

We are a small business and we take your privacy seriously.

We think very hard about any third party integrations before we put them in. For example you will find NO Facebook like button or Facebook conversion tracking on our pages because even though they would be nice for us, they would also expose your every action to Facebook and we don't want that.

What we do have is a) Google analytics on all pages to see where our site works or breaks b) Stripe payments on cart and checkout and c) Recaptcha to stop bots from trying to use our reviews for spam (wouldn't work, but they never stop trying). Also, if you use the "login using" Google, Facebook or Twitter, that will send them information at the point of log in.

You can review and disable many of these cookies. Please see the 

for the full details
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