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What's new:

  • A small 1-3 bottle parcel rate is temporarily available because of COVID
  • Think of temperature! Wine doesn't like heat. We will try not to ship on a Friday if the weekend will be hot
  • Don't tell the courier to leave the box where it could be in direct sunlight

In short:

  • All carriage costs are subject to VAT.
  • We are set up for case deliveries, our packaging is large!
  • 1 case means 1 up to 12 bottles of any size up to 75cl.
  • delivery is normally within 3-5 working days, £10+VAT - with £7+VAT rate for small parcels
  • Report all courier mistakes within 48 hours as it becomes impossible to hold them to account after that time
  • Saturday delivery and before noon delivery is available but have early cutoff point - contact us to check if you need it
  • For remote locations we can use your own chosen courier - you probably know better than us who is charging a reasonable amount.
  • If your order is time sensitive please pick a fast rate and explain so in the order comments.

We do not profit from the delivery charges - some of the delivery costs break our heart too!

As a matter of fact delivery and packaging costs us more than we charge, but we have to reflect the charges we bear in getting your wine to you. 

Delivery Options


  Service Type per case of up to 12 bottles Other options

England/Wales Mainland

£19.50+VAT "express"

£10+VAT "Relaxed 3-5 day" delivery £7+VAT tiny parcel

Delivered in secure packaging

Pallet rates available from £40+VAT 

Relaxed is typically sent the following Wednesday or Thursday



all the above are available plus van rate: £22.50+VAT for up to 10 cases. Delivered in wine boxes


Scottish "Lowlands"


£10+VAT "Relaxed" delivery £7+VAT tiny parcel

Delivered in secure packaging

Pallet rates available £67+VAT (partial pallets also available)

Relaxed is typically sent the following Wednesday or Thursday


Scottish Highlands & Islands

£15+VAT "Relaxed" delivery

Express available but rates are absurd

Pallet rates available 


Northern Ireland & Ireland

£15+VAT (slow delivery)

Currently sent via Royal Mail and/or Parcelforce (post Brexit) as they are the only ones happy to move bottles of wine.

Pallet rates available

6 Personal Collection FREE

By arrangement only - typically available Wednesday to Saturday

7 Mainland Europe

Temporarily disabled while we figure out post Brexit options

Typical cost £20+VAT/case for slow, £45+VAT/case for faster



Special Delivery Instructions

If you do not expect to be at home to receive your wine when it is delivered you may leave special delivery instructions (e.g. "leave in shed", "leave behind side gate") and we will pass such instructions to the carriers. However, neither we nor the carriers will accept responsibility should for any reason the wines be lost, stolen, or damaged as a result of such instructions being followed.

Please think of temperature when specifying a location as wine quality can be affected if left in heat or cold for too long. Our packaging provides some thermal insulation for a limited time but cannot protect against exposure to freezing temperatures or direct sunshine.


Possible Delays

If your order is time sensitive please say so in the order comments. If it is urgent, use the express rate.

When the weather is hot, or below freezing, we won't send an order out on a Friday and will prefer to ship the following Monday. If you would rather we shipped on a Friday, tell us in the comments

If you chose "Invoice Me" as a payment option, the goods will be shipped only after payment has been received. In the case of payment by cheque, we reserve the right to await cheque clearance prior to despatch of goods.

Additionally, there may be occasional office closures due to holidays etc. when the normal delivery schedule will not be possible. If this applies and the order can not be shipped within our normal turnaround times, you will be notified of any delay and you will have the option to cancel.


Availability and Substitutions

All product is offered subject to availability. Some of the wines are made in very small quantities and it may not be possible to obtain replacement stocks quickly or even at all.

In the event that a wine is not available, We will normally try to contact you first to discuss alternatives and seek your approval. This will cause delays to delivering the order. We won't do that if you have made it clear in comments that the order is time sensitive (use the order comments box!). We also usually won't do that for ready-made cases.

for mixed cases where we have pre-defined the composition, we reserve the right to make appropriate substitutions, although these will alway be similar wines from the same region, and of equal or greater quality/value.

Where you have made a custom case, if we cannot reach you in reasonable time, we also reserve the right to substitute a wine of equal or better quality of very similar style/origin where this affects no more than 3 bottles per case. We also reserve the right to substitute in any quantity a more recent vintage of any wine ordered. 

In either of these situations, we will use our judgement as to what subsitutions best fulfill your original intent. 

In short, if a wine is not available:

  • Whenever practical we will contact you to discuss options
  • Send a substitute bottle of equal or superior value (eg: newer vintage or similar wine of similar vintage) especially for ready made cases
  • Send the order without the missing bottle and part refund the order


Additional Delivery Costs

Magnums are subject to special handling and are excluded from the above table - please call for more information. "No rush" delivery is usually possible without surcharge.

In the event of missing your original delivery, if you have not called the courier within 3 working days to arrange for a new delivery, the goods will normally be returned to us and any costs incurred in this and any subsequent costs for redelivery of the wine after this time will be at an additional cost to you. You expressly authorise us to charge to your credit/debit card any costs involved with goods being returned in the event of your not being able to receive them and not making contact with the carrier.

Likewise, you expressly authorise us to charge to your credit/debit card any difference between the cost of the carriage option you have selected should it be the wrong one (e.g. if you specify the wrong geographic region applicable to your order), and the correct carriage option. Please note that the cost differences can be significant - e.g. the difference between UK mainland and offshore islands, and it is your responsibility to check this.

We normally won't just charge you, though, we'll get in touch and discuss the options.



With COVID all parcels are considered accepted "unexamined".

Wine should be examined soon post delivery for both condition and completeness/correctness of order.

Any problems should be reported as soon as possible and at the latest within 48 hours. After that it gets much harder to correct it and get compensation.



(suspended because of COVID) Our wines are stored in a warehouse in the East London/Kent area and you may collect your wines here to avoid delivery charges, but this can only be done by prior arrangement and you should discuss with us when you wish to do this. The warehouse also requires time to process orders and prepare your wines for collection.

(available) You can also collect from Alpine Wines HQ in Yorkshire, and when we go to wine fairs we offer local pickup for orders placed up to a week prior.



Delivery to overseas addresses - we can service some but not all markets, please enquire. Please contact us to request for a quotation for export terms.

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