Wine Selection Advice

Our regions aren't well known and deciding what to try can be intimidating - there's a lot and most of it unknown.

intimidating mountain of wine

Where to start


"where should I start, what should I try?"

Not an easy one to answer, because obviously "it depends". But this is our favourite question of all! Please don't hesitate to use the contact form, social media, email or the phone and ask for advice. 

PS: The more you know what you like or what the occasion is for, the easier it is for us to help 

ready made cases

The cases are a good place to start - the wines in them are checked often and have been selected to be representative and interesting, and we usually have stock ready for fast turnaround. The "starter" cases are for first contact, "explorer" and "indulgence" once you know - and the "surprise" cases 

reference wines

When a wine is marked as one of our reference wines, it means this wine is a really safe bet that also represents really well what should be expected of that variety and region. 


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Dessert wines


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