Roter Traminer

White Wine, Austria
Urban is the master of aromatic noses and bountiful fruit.

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Roter Traminer

White Wine, Austria

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Urban is the master of aromatic noses and bountiful fruit.

Urban is the master of aromatic noses and bountiful fruit. This is Roter Traminer, Savagnin Rose – uncommon, dry, fruity. An absolutely fascinating wine.

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Roter Traminer

Roter Traminer 2008


White Wine, Austria, Weinviertel Weinbau Urban

Weinbau Urban

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Discover the complexity of Roter Traminer. A bold white.

Roter Traminer is the same wine as Savagnin Rose, related to the Gelber Traminer (Savagnin Blanc/Heida) and to Gewürztraminer. In Urban's hands we have, as in his Muskateller, a fabulously aromatic wine that fulfils in the mouth everything it promises in the nose. And that is no mean feat!

Ben says (July 2016): A lovely Gewürtz nose of lychees, rose petals and other aromatic aromas leads to something slightly less Gewürtz in the mouth. It is bold but fruity with strong flavours that persist from the nose.

If you like Gewürtztraminer, you will love Roter Traminer!

Ben says (February 2018): Wonderfully unchanged. Still a few years left in this lovely wine.

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Product code URBANRT
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Weinbau Urban
Colour White Wine
Style Single Variety, White, Still, Dry
Variety Roter Traminer
Country Austria
Region(s) Weinviertel
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Last Tasted 21 Jul 2016
Vintages 2008

[4380027] 2008


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product code:[4380027]
variety:Roter Traminer
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