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Rosé of Blaufränkisch Reserve

, Austria
Refreshing, long, rich and not quite dry. Converts people to rosé!

Availability: In stock

Rosé of Blaufränkisch Reserve

, Austria

Availability: In stock

Refreshing, long, rich and not quite dry. Converts people to rosé!

Rosé made from the free run juice of the grapes that will becme the Blaufränkisch Reserve. Supremely refreshing, quite long. Fabulous wine.

Full Details
The Wine


Hand picked into small boxes. De-stemmed into red wine tanks, racking off the juice after 6 hours. Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks for a period of four weeks. Fermentation is interrupted by separation of the must from the lees and cooling. This results in a slight natural residual sugar content (15 g/litre).

A very pale neon pink with a nose of red berry fruit, strawberries, redcurrants and all strawberries and cream on the palate and just a slight hint of spritz with a touch of sweetness. On the finish there's some spice and a soft gentle mineral underpinning.

Chill well (really well) and drink with salads, grilled meats - a great barbeque wine. A perfect winter rosé with smoked salmon for example.

Ben says of the 2017 (November 2018): This was a real hit at the Three Wine Men Christmas tastings in Manchester and Cambridge. For me, despite the name and colour, this is not a rosé wine. This is a light Blaufrankisch. There is nothing of the expected characteristics of 'rosé' in this wine. The grape is the predominent workforce and this shows in the nose and in the mouth. It is a terrific wine.

Drink this, well chilled, on a cold winter evening with the snow coming down outside and a warm fire burning. Stick two fingers up at the weather and say "I get to choose what coldness affects me and it is this wonderful wine!"

Vintage Information


Product code TRIEBFROSE
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Günter & Regina Triebaumer
Style Rosé, Single Variety, Sweet, Still
Variety Blaufränkisch
Key Features Unoaked, "Slow Wine", Vegan (certified), Vegetarian and Vegan
Winemaking No Malolactic
Country Austria
Region(s) Burgenland
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Aged In Steel
Vintages 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017
Last Tasted Jun 14, 2017
name:Rosé of Blaufränkisch Reserve
product code:[4315033]
name:Rosé of Blaufränkisch Reserve
product code:[43TR0317]
stock: 48 in London Warehouse
9 at Alpine Wines House
last checked in:2019-07-03

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Highly Recommended

Rosé of Blaufränkisch Reserve

2015- Differing from the notes, my example was a darker pink in the glass promising a richer Rose. Confirmed with a rich aroma of rounded red fruit and sweetness. When drinking - Strawberries and bananas! Smooth with no high acidity and with a slight sparkling sensation from the outset, This starts off dry with some slight sweetness, ending with gentle acidity at the finish.
From the free run juice of the grapes used for the Blaufrankisch reserve, this was lovely -fruity, rich and full and makes one think what the full blown reserve is like. A Lovely Rose, different from the typical lighter Provence style, this drinks incredibly easily and the bottle went down extremely well (and quickly). Really good value.
A hit!
Review by Simon / (Posted on 8/29/2018)

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