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Rikiki - Elixir des Anges

, France
A fortified Juliénas wine made from the Gamay grape. So nice!

Availability: In stock

Rikiki - Elixir des Anges

, France

Availability: In stock

A fortified Juliénas wine made from the Gamay grape. So nice!
Domaine Matray's "Elixir of the Angels" is a most unusual and very delicious find. A fortified Juliénas wine made from the Gamay grape. Most unusual and well worth trying.
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The Wine


The wine is first allowed a 10 day meceration which gives it tremendous depth of colour and extract. The "Paradis", the first juice to run off from the winemaking process, is intensely fruity and at this stage light in alcohol, around 9% ABV. The precise production method is kept secret, but involves boosting the overall alcoholic strength to around 15% which has the effect of stopping further fermentation.

Rikiki has the essential character of a powerful Beaujolais Cru yet there is much, much more to this drink - it has an intensity of flavour not normally found in a Beaujolais. It has good depth of colour and a rich powerful nose of red and black fruit, including blackcurrant and redcurrant. On the palate, it is fruity and very rich with a little sweetness resulting from the arrested fermentation. Best served cold at 6-7°C as an apéritif. Also makes an excellent companion for cholcolate-flavoured desserts or with melon. This is not a wine you would want to drink a whole bottle of at a single sitting, it's probably too rich for that, but in moderation it's lovely. 
It can be drunk young but equally can be aged for 10+ years. 

Most unusual and well worth trying.

Ben says (August 2017): Rich, balsamic strawberries on the nose give the expectation of a very sticky wine but be prepared for a surprise. The wine is lighter than you expect and very smooth indeed. Gorgeous!

Vintage Information


Product code 33MY04
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Domaine Matray
Featured Themes Mature Vintages
Style Red, Single Variety, Sweet, Still
Variety Gamay
Key Features Vegetarian and Vegan
Country France
Region(s) Beaujolais
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Vintages 2005, 2015, NV
Last Tasted Aug 23, 2017
name:Rikiki - Elixir des Anges
product code:[3332122]
stock: 6 in London Warehouse
4 at Alpine Wines House
last checked in:2017-08-23
name:Rikiki - Elixir des Anges
product code:[3317015]
stock: 11 in London Warehouse
last checked in:2017-10-17

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