Pinot Noir vom Pfaffen/Calanda

, Switzerland
Only a few bottles available.

Availability: Out of stock

Pinot Noir vom Pfaffen/Calanda

, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

Only a few bottles available.
One of 12 Vinotiv Graubünden Pinot Noir from one of the top producers.
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When people talk about Pinot Noir they usually reference Burgundy, New Zealand, Oregon and South America. Rarely is Switzerland mentioned. This is for one good reason. Those people have not had the privilege of tasting good Swiss Pinot Noir.

Graübunden is the place where magic meets pinot Noir in the North East of Switzerland. The growing conditions are perfect and the winemakers are superb, creating many different expressions from this wonderful grape. You can taste at a large number of vineyards and find such variety that you will want to stay for months.

This particular Pinot Noir is exciting from the moment it is poured. It is darker to look at than you might expect but that becomes immaterial once you get it to your nose. This is pure Swiss. It is dark and earthy with sweet caramelised blackberry and apple crumble with Madagascan vanilla custard. (I do apologise to those who think I go too far but this really is what I get from it.)

Whilst quite a light texture in the mouth , the flavours are lovely. Lots of red and black berry and refreshing acidity. The finish is long and elegant with the flavours lingering.

Forget the rest of the world. Drink Swiss Pinot Noir!

Vintage Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Sprecher von Bernegg
Style Red, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Pinot Noir
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Graubünden
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Vintages 2013
Last Tasted Jan 3, 2017
name:Pinot Noir vom Pfaffen/Calendar
product code:[4115204]

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