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Pinot Noir (Barrique)

, Switzerland
Probably our "oakiest" Pinot Noir (with Lentsch's in Austria).

Availability: Out of stock

Pinot Noir (Barrique)

, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

Probably our "oakiest" Pinot Noir (with Lentsch's in Austria).
Smokey and earthy. A reminder that Neuchâtel was part of Burgundy for centuries.
Full Details
The Wine


If you are looking for a big (and I mean really big) Pinot Noir, look no further. If it were not such a sophisticated and brilliantly crafted wine you might be asking whether there was anything to go with the oak. However, worry not as this is a very well balanced wine.

If you expect the usual opaque Pinot Noir look, your expectations will not be matched. This is a dark, brooding Pinot that has depths that other Pinots can only dream about. It is like liquid velvet, the sort that the evil princess wears in medieval costume dramas – and it promises so much.

The aromas of cooked stone fruits are apparent with a wonderful smoky vanilla that reveals the oak without being overpowering.

This is a rich wine, showing wild berries and a hint of wild flowers through the intense smokiness yet it is an elegant wine, not brutish in its tannins as you might expect from your other senses. The tannins are there in force but the splendid balance of this wine keeps them at bay. There is a good finish and the flavours linger darkly in the mouth.

This is as big a Pinot Noir as you are likely to find and will satisfy Pinot lovers as well as plenty of others who often find this grape too light. Give them this and see them change their minds.

Vintage Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Domaine de Montmollin
Style Red, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Pinot Noir
Key Features Organic, Oaked, Old Vines
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Neuchatel & Trois Lacs
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Aged In Barrel (old)
Vintages 2011
name:Pinot Noir (Barrique)
product code:[4115224]

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