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Perle, Rosé Sekt

, Austria
A mighty sparkling rosé made from St. Laurent.

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Perle, Rosé Sekt

, Austria

Availability: In stock

A mighty sparkling rosé made from St. Laurent.

A mighty sparkling rosé made from St. Laurent.

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The Wine


This sparkling rosé defies the norm. It is dry and bold rather than sweet and delicate. We used it as the apéritif wine for our Austrian wine dinner at The Gatsby in Berkhamsted in 2015 and it was received with great acclaim!

The grape used is the Sankt Laurent, a grape with bright sour cherry aromas and flavours which are typically offset by subtle tartness. This is lessened in this rosé but is still apparent in the wine although the darkness produced by the skin contact is still characteristic.

This is not a substitute for other rosé - this has long maceration, biscuity notes and it is very dry. It's grown up rosé and perhaps a little demanding. Happiest with food.

Why we have it:

Serious rosé sparkling

What to expect:

A surprisingly dry wine

Serving Suggestions:

Serve properly chilled
The biscuity side of the wine makes it go well with savoury baking - salmon with blinis, a sophisticated quiche, cheese and cumin tarts. The dry side makes it go well with seafood served pure, or raw - oysters of course but also lobster served simply with butter, or a sole with beurre noisette. A really extravagant accompaniment to the best fish & chips. This wine also loves tuna - whether fresh or even canned. For example one of our "we don't want to shop" staples here at Alpine HQ: "spicy grilled tuna pasta" (can of tuna, onion, a bit of chili, tomato paste but as a spice!, your choice of herbs, splash of wine, let it grill in the pan a bit...)

Vintage Information


Product code NETZLPERLE
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Franz / Christine Netzl
Serving Suggestion Serve properly chilled
Sparkling Yes
Style Rosé, Single Variety, Still, Sparkling
Variety St Laurent
Key Features Unoaked, Vegetarian and Vegan
Country Austria
Region(s) Carnuntum
Ripeness Normal
Closure Sparkling
Aged In Steel
Vintages 2012
name:Perle, Rosé Sekt
product code:[4315022]
stock: 3 in London Warehouse
closure:Natural Cork

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