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Old Deer Swiss Premium Single Malt Whisky

, Switzerland
Superb Swiss Whisky

Availability: Out of stock

Old Deer Swiss Premium Single Malt Whisky

, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

Superb Swiss Whisky
French malt, English Yeast, Swiss water and Swiss care... an endearing Old Deer
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The Wine


The "Old Deer" is our classic Single Malt whisky which is why we also call it "Classic". It is a 100% pure barley-malt whisky produced from a mixture of peat-free malt of the best European provenance and fermented with a specially selected English Stout yeast. Even in the early days of the fermentation a rich mixture of vegetable and fruity flavours can be detected, aromas that we will meet again in the finished product.

With the triple distillation we give the "Old Deer" its incomparable smooth, tender and malty character. The maturation in Sherry and Chardonnay casks provides the "Old Deer" with its outstanding complexity and elegant aftertaste.

The "Old Deer" is bottled with 40% Vol. Alc. but is also available as "cask-proof" with 62.1% Vol. Alc.

Vintage Information


Bottle Size 0.5
Winemaker Langatun
Featured Themes Popular, Flagship
Key Features Oaked
Winemaking Barrel Fermented
Country Switzerland
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Aged In Barrel (old)
Vintage NV
Vintages 2009
Last Tasted Mar 24, 2017
name:Old Deer Swiss Premium Single Malt Whisky
product code:[4416001]

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