The wine has a bit of fizz, is this a problem?

Joelle Nebbe posted this on 7 Jul 2017

Very slight effervescence in still wine is not really a fault, rather it is often a result of slightly incomplete malolactic fermentation when the wine was bottled, or filtration choices.

The flavour and aromas of the wine are in no way affected.

If the wine is left to breathe, this will usually disappear before consumption, but if not, a very quick and simple remedy is to apply a vacuum to the bottle for a few minutes - very easily done using one of the wine-saving devices such as a Vacu-Vin. Five minutes or so with one of these installed and the effervescence is gone, and the wine can be enjoyed normally.

A slight effervescence is even deliberate in Vinho Verde and, to a much lesser degree, in some Swiss Fendant.

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