Do you deliver overseas?

Joelle Nebbe posted this on Jul 7, 2016

In most cases this is not a problem although shipping cost can be much higher than standard UK domestic rates.

We recommend that for EU countries you order directly from the website, as the prices are correct.

For non EU countries the price calculated is an upper limit, so we might refund part of the feed you once we know the real price. Alternatively you can email us, or order using "Invoice me" to place your order without payment.

We won't charge credit/debit cards on foreign orders until we have validated that the wine can be shipped to you.

Some countries have specific regulations relating to the import of alcohol and special arrangements have to be made through licensed importers.

The USA are just such an example and your state might have additional restrictions. As a result there are too many bad surprises and we do not ship parcels to the USA. We can ship via paletts and a specialist transport company, but this is only worth doing for large quantities of wine.

In all cases any customs taxes/charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

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