What if the wine is damaged in transport?

Joelle Nebbe posted this on 7 Jul 2016

We try hard to minimise breakage risk as we know how disappointing it is to get a broken bottle, but they do occasionally happen.

Let us know as soon as possible of any issues, as it makes it a lot easier to hold the courier accountable.

Should a breakage occur, the courier would normally detect it. If the package is identified as containing a broken bottle it would not reach you and your delivery will be delayed. Couriers do not want to deliver potentially dangerous broken glass. We will if possible immediately send a replacement delivery.

However it is possible that a breakage may not be detected prior to delivery so please check your wine for damage on receipt. The sooner you notice the better, so please try to open and check the case on delivery if possible.

We need to know to how a breakage could happen, so please take a photo of the damage and the packaging so we can find out what has occurred and raise the issue with the courier if necessary.

So if there are any problems call us so we can get replacement wine to you.

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