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People. Mountains. Wine.

Our thing is people and mountains. We can't bring the mountains here and we can't always go there, but we can bring them home to our table. We can even stash them in our cellars!

The Alpine regions of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Italy, share much in history, culture and lifestyle across languages and borders. Alpine Wines are the UK's merchant for fine wines from the Alpine regions. In short, we bring to the UK terroir-driven heroic wines from the mountain valleys and along the major rivers from the Alps: the Rhone, Rhine and Danube.

I love the Alps, I love those wines, and I love the winemakers whose work I try my best to support and share. And I think you will too.

Hot right now: St Amour, what else?

Happy Monday! 

We start with our winemaker of the week. Julien and Christian Dutruy from the “Frères Dutruy” estate are brothers (as you  might guess) who developed a lovely estate close to Geneva. They work organically and share the work - Christian in the vineyard, Julien in the cellar. Both are proud daddys and work toward making fine delicious wines.

They’ve also been awarded Cellar of the year which is a very renowned award in Switzerland.We’ll have new wines soon but for now we suggest you their exquisite Gamay. A bomb of crushed strawberries with a touch of spices and a great concentration! An exceptional Gamay

We’ll keep you posted when the new arrival will be there! 

Domaine de la Maison Blanche in Mont-sur-Rolle on the shore of the Lake Geneva in Switzerland covered by snow. 

With this cold weather, they are two solutions

> 1st option: Enjoy a fondue with a glass of their delicious Chasselas

> 2nd second option: warm up with bubbles tasting their lovely sparkling , Demi-Sec or Brut style.

It doesn’t need to be Valentine’s day to share a glass of fizz with your loved ones 

The De Mestral family is a good example of tradition in movement. They innovate by planting original grape such as Malbec or Viognier but they moslty work using the most respectful manner to show terroir in their Chasselas. A lovely estate to discover on Alpine Wines 

Are you looking for a wine that could spice up your Valentines a bit?

There you go > Cayas!

A magnificent Syrah full of pepper, bright red and black plum, lean but powerful, rich but fresh, full-bodied but elegant! Guess it would definitely our choice to pair with a loved one . It comes from Switzerland, in the heart of Valais, the most iconic Alpine region and it’s delicious. Thanks @gillesbesse - you always do a great job!

At Alpine Wines, we are always looking for new surprises to make you happy! Get Ready for Valentine’s day with a delicious Beaujolais Saint-Amour. Enjoy a bomb of red berries, strawberry jam.

What about a touch of Austrian Austria
Meet our winemakers!
Sudtirol view
Winter in Mosel is stunning! ❄️ Steep and heroic vineyards - that’s what we are looking at at Alpine Wines
Our Alpine regions are pruning right now. In the meantime, no grape
Some are doing Dry January - some others are picking grape
Lavaux - Switzerland’s well deserved “UNESCO site”
Mystical weather in Valais
Stunning shades of white & blue
Happy Saint-Nicolas !
What a view at @simonmaye winery ❄️
Happy Cabernet Franc Day & Happy Monday as well
And we just happen to have the right kind of wines on hand, opened for Three Wine Men Manchester #cheese #swisswine #comfortfood #enjoythelittlethings #chasselas #pinotnoir #fendant #balavaud #graubünden
We're going "Swiss Fusion" comfort food tonight. Rösti with a Raclette hat, or is it Raclette on a Rösti sled? . #cheese #comfortfood #no filter #inlovewithswitzerland
Are you ready for tomorrow? We are! All the orders are on their way, ready to enjoy. Trade customers already have them and private customers get them on the day. Both were jaw-dropping good three weeks ago can't wait to taste how much better they will be tomorrow. Although it's too late to get them tomorrow, it is not too late to get some for the weekend, or Christmas, or any other day. Though there's only a few cases left. #gamay #beaujolais #beaujolaisnouveau #beaujolaisvillages #enjoyinglife #harvest #sharewithfriends
Remember to go high above the vineyards whenever you can #alpine #walking #inlovewithswitzerland #valais
Up high above Fully are two lovely lakes #valais #inlovewithswitzerland #alpine #walking it takes an hour and a half to reach them - it's quite tiring in parts. But worth it!
An even better view of Rivaz today #lavauxunesco #alpine #perfectday #swisswine Very little of its wine is sold as Rivaz, most use St Saphorin but I found a lovely one. But I'd have to get 50cl bottles. Would you buy 50 cl? They're great for two but so uncommon in the UK
Rivaz sure is putting on the charm today. #inlovewithswitzerland #lavauxvineyards #lavauxunesco #switzerland #chasselas #vineyard #swisswine #beauty #alpinewines #alpine #mountains @swisswine
The vineyard hoverdog strikes again, this time in Rivaz at the conservatoire mondial du #Chasselas #lavauxvineyards #swisswine #dogsofinsta #portuguesewaterdog
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