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Humagne Rouge

, Switzerland
Shows how interesting Humagne Rouge can be.

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Humagne Rouge

, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

Shows how interesting Humagne Rouge can be.
A delicious red wine that shows how interesting Humagne Rouge can be.
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The Wine


Humagne Rouge is a traditional Swiss variety grown in Valais and is the most interesting of Switzerland's indigenous red varieties.

A scintillating red colour with good clarity. A complex nose with hints of leather, elderflower and terra cotta. The palate is supple and fruity with soft smooth, tannins, a lovely balance, finely poised between elegance and rusticity, leading to a lingering finish.

The grapes undergo cold maceration for ten days prior to punched cap fermentation. Matured in stainless steel for 12 months.

Ben says of the 2012 (February 2018): The leather notes have been given a real mature boost of richness, notes of raspberry stems, and a hint of smokiness. Dark stewed fruits dominate the flavour but there are lighter notes of raspberry. This is a big wine, despite a lack of any oak. The grape gives such great aromas and flavours and I know many who will love not having any vanilla! Sophistication meets rustic in a perfect blend.

Vintage Information


Product code 41GRHUMROUGE
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Cave Jean Rene Germanier
Style Red, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Humagne Rouge
Key Features Organic, Unoaked, Low Intervention, Vegan (certified), Vegetarian and Vegan
Winemaking Malolactic
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Valais
Cru Vétroz
Ripeness Normal
Vintages 2012, 2013
Composition 100% Humagne Rouge
Last Tasted Oct 19, 2016
name:Humagne Rouge
product code:[4114017A]
name:Humagne Rouge
product code:[4114036]

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