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Gelber Muskateller

, Austria
A dry, mineral Muskateller made by Walter Buchegger. Delicious!

Availability: In stock

Gelber Muskateller

, Austria

Availability: In stock

A dry, mineral Muskateller made by Walter Buchegger. Delicious!
Bone dry Muskateller. For the people who love dry dry whites :)
Full Details
The Wine


This is a very dry Gelber Muskateller - very clear and lively acidity.

Flo says of the 2010 (July 2018) If you are looking for a dry white wine to go with ceviche or tempura this is the wine for you. Strong acidity on the palette reminds me of pink grapefruits.

Vintage Information


Product code MAYRGELBER
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Vorspannhof Mayr
Featured Themes Mature Vintages
Style White, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Muscat
Key Features Unoaked, Vegetarian and Vegan
Country Austria
Region(s) Kremstal
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Vintages 2010
Last Tasted Jun 30, 2016
name:Gelber Muskateller
product code:[4310011]
stock: 15 in London Warehouse
4 at Alpine Wines House
last checked in:2018-07-23

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