Blanc de Savoie Coutaz

, France

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Blanc de Savoie Coutaz

, France

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The Saint Germain version is perhaps less typical than the Chignin Jacquère. A little less fesh, but it remains vivacious with a mineral nose, floral notes (apple blossoms?) and citrus in the finish.
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A lovely example of the Jacquère grape. This clear pale lemon wine is a delicious treat from Savoie, created just 40 minutes from the Swiss border, if you are prepared to hazard the switchback roads!

On the nose there is plenty of minerality with some floral notes and a hint of citrus. It has a mouth-watering acidity which invites you to keep drinking. The palate gives clean intense citrus flavours with a slight steely minerality which gives this wine a pleasant zinginess. It is very refreshing and has a nice long finish with the citrus notes lingering beautifully. I would be happy to drink this with steamed white fish or even sushi. For the more daring, this would be a clever match with Gruyère or other ‘nutty’ cheese. It is a sociable wine and worth sharing to cement friendships.

Ben says (October 2017): I love it when people pontificate about the short shelf-life of white wines. There is a general opinion that they should not be kept long, with a few honourable exceptions. At Alpine Wines, we are yet to find one of our wines that does not happily age for many years. Aromas and flavours may change and new ones appear but the wines remain steadfast and delicious.

When it comes to the Jacquère grape, experience does suggest that it is better drunk young. However, this wine is an excellent exception to that rule. The tasting notes above, from 2014, are as accurate today as they were when first written. There may be the slightest hints of tertiary aromas coming through but not in any great amount.

Raise a glass of this and let received wisdom be damned!

Additional Information


Product code 33SG05
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Domaine St-Germain
Style White, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Jacquère
Country France
Region(s) Savoie
Ripeness Normal
Vintages 2013
Last Tasted 31 Oct 2017
vintage: 2017
product code:[33SG0517]

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size: 0.75
product code:[33SG0517]
closure:Natural Cork

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