Amigne de Vétroz

, Switzerland

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Amigne de Vétroz

, Switzerland

Availability: Out of stock

A delicious, easy drinking Amigne. Described as semi-dry, this is perfect for anyone who likes their wine not quite dry! Great apéritif wine.

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The Wine


Unique to the Vétroz region. This wine reaches perfect harmony after five or six years in the bottle, revealing the light tannin flavour of the Amigne and the concentration of its extracts. It has an oily, rich structure and quite low acidity. Goes well with foie gras and desserts.

Serving Suggestions:

A real foie gras wine!

In Depth:

The Amigne, a variety indigenous and all but unique to the Valais has, in Vétroz, its own terroir of preference. The origin of this grape is uncertain but recent DNA analysis has shown an indirect relation to the Petit-Meslier of Champagne and to the Avana of the Italian Piemonte. There now exist forty hectares of Amigne in the Valais of which thirty are in Vétroz, an area that has tripled in the last twenty years. The Amigne ripens early which allows the production of dry (one bee), semi-dry (two bees) and dessert wines (three bees), according to the winemaker's preference. The bee symbol has been mandatory for all members of the cellarers' association of Vétroz since 2003.

Amigne is also vinified from berries with noble rot allowed to wilt on the vine. The grape is not unclustered and not sugared. The grapes are lightly pressed. The clear must is drawn off after the solid matter is settled. First fermentation realised under temperature control. No malolactic fermentation.

Additional Information


Product code 41GRAMIGNE
Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Cave Jean Rene Germanier
Sweet Yes
Style White, Sweet, Still
Variety Amigne
Key Features Organic, Unoaked, "Slow Wine", Low Intervention, Vegetarian and Vegan
Country Switzerland
Region(s) Valais
AOC / DAC AOC Valais
Belongs to Wine Range Les Classiques AOC Valais
Ripeness Normal
Serving Temperature 10 C
Vintages 2012
Composition Amigne 100%
product code:[4113045]

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size: 0.75
product code:[4113045]
closure:Natural Cork
Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

Rich and smooth. Sweetness is semi-dry, leaning towards semi-sweet. Pleasant harmony and balance due to important natural acidity. Lots of mineral feel in both the bouquet and taste. Anjou pears, jasmine and herbal honey as well. Very fresh, perfect balance between sugar and acidity, hints of tannins on the finish.

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