Taste of Austria - Indulgence Mixed 12 Bottle Case

White Wine, Austria
A selection of favourites from the year

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Taste of Austria - Indulgence Mixed 12 Bottle Case

White Wine, Austria

Availability: Out of stock

A selection of favourites from the year

Designed to show the diversity and quality of Austrian Wines

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A perfect thank you gift, or an even better "thank me" gifts. Or a "tasting in a box" for your group or event.

1 x Roter Traminer 2008, WEINBAU URBAN
Urban is the master of aromatic noses and bountiful fruit. This is Roter Traminer. Savagnin Rouge is uncommon, dry, fruity, fascinating.
1 x Grüner Veltliner Bruch 2016, Christ
1 x Rubin Carnuntum 2013, Netzl
1 x Gelber Muskateller 2013, Heidi Schroeck
Special Price in January
1 x Riesling Rosenhügel 2014, Weingut Diem
1 x Pinot Blanc "Der Vollmondwein" Weissburgunder 2017, Christ
might make you believe in the power of the full moon
1 x Blaufränkisch Reserve 2014, Triebaumer
1 x Beerenauslese (Pinot Gris) 2008, Lentsch
1 x Chardonnay Triftberg 2011, DIEM
One sip and you'll understand why people make a fuss about the Austrian "cold climate" Chardonnay.
1 x Gewurztraminer 2014, Klosterneuburg
I would not buy a Gewürztraminer from Austria unless it was exceptional. This truly is different
1 x St Laurent Reserve 2012, KLOSTERNEUBURG

Our cases are ranged from Discovery to Indulgence (bronze to platinum).

Whereas there is a measure of "quality" it is mostly a level of complexity and diversity.

  • Starter. shows typical wines in the classic style - to learn or show the grape varieties and style. These are not "basic" but they set the bases for discovering more. Start here before you move on, to learn what's what
  • Explorer: still focuses on the core classic styles, but with more complexity and ambition. Designed to give a wider understanding and make you try some new things.
  • Indulgence: showing off more daring wines, some premium bottles in the classic styles and some of the more personal wines. You've now got the basics, and you can stretch your wings
  • Magic: Virtuoso wines, wizardry, creativity, no compromise wines - we're not learning anymore and we can have some fun.

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Wonderful with spicy food.

Riesling Rosenhügel 2014, Weingut Diem

This is a beautiful wine that's satisfying on multiple levels. Firstly, the smell is wholly intoxicating with rich citrus and a whiff of petrol not amiss for a good Riesling. Secondly, it delivers a full mouth feel bursting with white fruits and ending on sweet honey. While I would be happy enough to drink this bottle on its own, it also held up wonderfully next to an Indian curry I threw four large chillies into.
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Supple: rich: great balance: long in taste and memory

Edles Tal 2012, Netzl

With perhaps the exception of the Anna Christina, one of the outstanding Austrian Reds (not just from the Netzls). Offered recently to a discerning Club Wine Committee at a lunch, they were all bowled over.
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