We are open and sending wines UK wide. Thank you so much for your support :)

Real Mountains, Good People, Great Wine

Over 400 interesting, delicious wines in stock

  • Proudly personal selection
  • Focused on the Alpine regions, which we know and love
  • Made by real people where the grapes grow
  • Unique grape varieties and some classic ones too
  • Made the slow way with precision and care
  • Ethically delicious too - sustainable wineries, and fair business practices

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    How surreal it all feels. As I rewrite this update for the 10th time now, I still don't know what to say. Like all of you I am worried. About family and friends, about suppliers and customers, and about the...

  • Beaujolais vintages

    What makes a good vintage? Generally speaking this depends on what you like. Taste, keep tasting, and taste some more (sorry...) A typical year in Beaujolais should produce wines of medium body, aromatic and fruity, with complexity emerging over the...

  • Revisiting Les Larmoises

    As you know, we check our wines regularly - to keep our tasting notes up to date and make sure they are still up to my standard. Sometimes we have to let a wine go because there is too much...

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