Case of the Month, June 2015 - On The Terrace

Case of the Month, June 2015 - On The Terrace [AT] Ref: JUN15CASE

A selection of favourite chill out wines for enjoying Summer outside, for barbecue and for Schnitzel - £1.5 off each bottle

WHITE: It won't surprise anyone who has known me a while that Muskateller is top on my list of fabulous Summer white.
But Muskateller remains one of my great love for wine to drink on its own. And this one is magical - a rose and herb garden on a Warm summer day.

RED: our classic Zweigelts chill beautifully, and the Mosel Dornfelder is a fabulous Summer wine, as are the lighter Swiss Pinots and youthful Blaufränkisch.
But... it has to be back to Gamay. With so many to choose from in our list I spent far too much time agonising to pick one... Try a Beaujolais Villages, they are just fabulous in Summer

Price: 77.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

3x Gelber Muskateller, Heidi Schröck

3x Beaujolais Villages Tradition, Vincent Lacondemine