Case of the Month, April 2015 - Celebrate Spring with a TRIE

Case of the Month, April 2015 - Celebrate Spring with a TRIE [AT] Ref: APR15CASE

Gunter & Regina Triebaumer introduced their lovely fun TRIE wines 10 years ago so to celebrate we made them the case of the month. They are technically normally only available to restaurants so... don't tell!

The two TRIE wines are blends - slightly unusual ones at that - but they somehow manage to encapsulate "Austrianwine-ness" if you forgive me the expression. Both the red and the white taste like sitting with a glass of wine on an Austrian terrace on a sunny June afternoon. Crisp, crunchy, fruity, fresh and oh so approachable. Easy to enjoy, easy to share, welcoming.

Whether your Austrian experience is cycling around lakes, concerts in Salzburg, hiking in Tyrol, skiing in St Anton, Tafelspitz in Vienna, Sissi at the Hofburg, Lippizan horses -- or, as for me, taking my mother to see Barbara Streisand at the Schonbrunn, and the best Strudel - or, as for Robb, Schnitzel and a Glyptodon... whatever your thing, if you have had an Austrian moment, these wines will bring you back to it.

Try them! Or take multiples of the case to last you through Summer...

Price: 72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)