Case of the Month, August 2015

Case of the Month, August 2015 [AT] Ref: CASEAUG15

August is usually a quiet month for our case of the month sales, so I can put together something really special where we would normally not really have the quantities.

Hajszan's Riesling is both subtle and incredibly aromatic - all on the peach, apricot & almond side of Riesling. Hajszan made some really distinctive organic and biodynamic wines, and ran a very successful restaurant - he has since decided to concentrate on the restaurant. Absolutely a must visit place in Vienna for me, but it is a loss to us as I really liked the wines.

Walter Buchegger's slow, unfiltered, incredibly juicy Pinot Noir. He takes a lot of time to make it, and the result feels effortless, but trust me it is not that easy to get this out of Pinot Noir. I adore this wine, and it deserves more attention...

More than 20% off the wine price to make it a no brainer, try me! case

Price: 92.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

3x Riesling Steinberg 2011, Hajszan

3x Pinot Noir 2009 Water Buchegger