Why Alpine?

Connected by mountain passes and rivers, the Alpine regions of Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Italy, share much in culture and lifestyle across languages and borders and especially a culture of winemaking.

Alpine Wines are the UK's key importer, distributor and merchant of wines from the Alpine regions. Our thing is terroir-driven heroic wines from the mountain valleys and along the major rivers from the Alps, the Rhone, Rhine and Danube. And it's personal.



terroir-driven heroic personal wines? 

What does it mean?

Terroir: Places are not interchangeable

Here, you can't ignore the landscape. Our weather starts and stops at the Alps, our soil was made by glaciers, our culture developed along the trade routes through and around the Alps.

In the Alps, we - those born here or chosing to move  here - have the mountains, lakes and rivers in our bones, in our eyes, in our legends and traditions, in our dreams, and in our food and our wine.


Heroic: Producers are not interchangeable

Faced with the immense majesty of our landscape, human scale is the only way to make wine, and has been for two thousand years. There are no easy shortcuts.

Our producers are small, usually family producers, working in locations requiring heroic labour. They work with ancient and new varieties, classics, as well as some of the rarest grapes in the world. They also have fun and make wines that interest them.


Wine: Wine is not interchangeable

It is the stuff of memories and connections.

Wine connects people around the table and across the world, connects people to the past and the future across generations.

For centuries wine was a miracle to humankind, preserving calories, safer than water, full of exhuberant flavours when flavours were few and far between, and of course, bringing merriment.


Personal: You are not interchangeable

When we say "Suppliers of unique, interesting and personal wines, to uniquely interesting people" we mean it. We just seem to attract very interesting people - yes, you!

We're small enough we can know the customers whom we serve.

Whether you are searching for wines you love, or ones to discover; whether you seek a special bottle for an anniversary, a case to thank colleagues, or a mountain of wine for a wedding; whether you buy once a year or twice a month, or only ever come to events: we want you in our Alpine tribe

We know we only exist if we can find enough of you who also think we, and the wines we bring, are not interchangeable.

Human Scale and Human Powered

The business is human powered - a tiny distributed team with an uncompromising focus on quality, personality and craftsmanship.

There's Joelle, Robb, Ben and George in Yorkshire, Sarah in Kent, and a warehouse and distribution partner in London. That's it!


Our winemakers are human scale businesses, often in locations requiring heroic labour, There is care, passion and work in these bottles that is considered inefficient by standards of pure profitability. The results are wines of the highest quality, incredibly interesting and respectful of their environment, culture and history. And respectful of their customer.

Our Promises

  • Chosen personally - we offer wines because they bring something distinctive to your table.
  • Made to share and enjoy - some might be amongst the rarest wines anywhere but all are selected for your drinking pleasure and food friendliness first.
  • Made by Heroes - bringing you the wines and winemakers who are loved back in their home country. We love them, and soon you will too.
  • Rarities - we selected winemakers who rescue rare old varieties as well as some who experiment with the newest varieties, so that you get a chance to discover them.
  • Quality guaranteed - you should feel safe discovering our wines and we guarantee them.
  • No constraint - no minimum order or forced case sizes as we don't use the bottle price to subsidise shipping. Buy just what you want whether it's a single bottle or thirty.

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